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Reclaim Your Life 
Journey Toward The Sacred Self

Do you struggle with behavior patterns that are not serving your highest good? Do you have religious and/or childhood trauma and are ready for freedom? Do you wish to embody strength, clarity, and purpose?

In order to transform your life, you must begin a very personal journey. This is the journey toward your sacred self!


So much of our lives are filled with pleasing everyone around us, and we lose who we are.

I want to help you to begin living an empowered and sacred life! Let's work together to reclaim the YOU that has been hidden and suppressed. YOU are sacred! Your essence, heart, and being is sacred, and you deserve to live in your fullness! It's time to reclaim your life!


Hi! I'm Charity, Spiritual Empowerment Coach. I've created a 7-week course to help you embark upon the transformational journey of discovering your authentic and divine, sacred self.

We will explore your thoughts, feelings, and questions each week through intuitive coaching.

We will work together to create a step-by-step plan that will not only help you stay on your beautiful path but help you to love your journey as well. This is your time!

Email me to begin!

My Story

My journey toward my scared self began in 2001 when I began healing from childhood trauma. I  grew up in a Christian home, was molested, bullied at school, told that I had a learning disability, and felt I was never good enough. By 13, I had thought about ending my life every day. Even to the point of almost going through with it, knife in hand. At 14, I was involved in a major church revival as one of the main singers. During the span of 5 years, I placed all the trauma I secretly carried in an internal box, locked it, and buried the key. No one knew I was struggling with incredible loneliness and sadness that I often ignored. At 19, I married my first love and best friend, and that's when my healing journey began. This journey hasn't been easy, and I've had many ups and downs. Eventually, I ended up leaving my faith to find myself. That was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but it freed me to explore deep inner transformation that I'd never known before! It still took me 7 years more to finally become awake to who I truly was. I have been discovering my most beautiful and sacred self, and it has been life-transforming. I've learned that knowing who you are and what you want in life doesn't come from anyone outside of comes from within. Knowing and loving yourself enough to guide yourself toward freedom, healing, and greatness is a daily decision, even in everyday life.  


Book a FREE 30 minute call with me to see if this course is right for you. Email me with your information and let's schedule a time!

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