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Becoming Limitless

This morning I had a very short quiet time before we had some things to do. Normally, I would have alone time with soft music, coffee, a bit of inner reflection, and journaling. However, today didn't start out like I normally would desire it to.

I had a few minutes to jot down a quick paragraph in my journal before heading out the door, and this is what I wrote...

"Ah! What a beautiful new day! I am so happy and grateful for all the learning and growing, taking place in my life! Today I am going to be aware of my limiting beliefs and change them. I want to level up in every area of my life! I want complete transformation."

Whew! You better be ready for stuff if you're going to make statements like that because you will face challenges that will either "level" you up (if you choose) or keep you stuck!!!

So personally today, I've changed the word "challenge" to "opportunity" and I've used today as a stepping stone on my journey toward deeper transformation!

This morning came with an "opportunity" (a moment, if you will) to "level up" per my declaration in my journal! We've had a lot going on in recent months and today felt a little overwhelming.

I allowed that overwhelm to get the best of my emotions, and I had a mini adult temper-tantrum. I wasn't kicking and screaming or throwing things. I just had a poor attitude and was on edge.

After some time, I noticed that this was exactly the opportunity I needed to work on the deeper parts of myself. It didn't take long to manifest what I had written in my journal.

The overwhelm I was feeling was about more than my current circumstances. I realized I was dealing with hidden, limiting beliefs about myself that I needed to heal from.

So what are limiting beliefs and how do you know you have them?

Well, I can say from my own experience that a limiting belief is something you believe about yourself that is holding you back from living an abundant, loving, and joyful life.

A limiting belief will show up when you feel "triggered" about something that deals with you directly.

For example, you may believe (deep down, subconsciously) that you are stupid. When you're talking with someone and they sound really knowledgeable and it triggers you to feel inadequate in your own thinking and self-critical, that's a limiting belief.

Any thought about yourself, that causes you to feel weak-minded, inadequate like you can't measure up, or like you're not good enough is a limiting belief.

In order to change that belief, you must first face it. Stop ignoring it or suppressing those feelings. Lovingly and kindly embrace those parts of yourself then surrender it.

Don't judge yourself. Celebrate that you've come this far and that you're now aware of what you need to focus on. You can change that belief into something positive and empowering!

Instead of feeling stupid, inadequate, or weak, you declare empowering things to yourself about yourself using the powerful words, "I AM".

  1. I am enough

  2. I am strong in mind and spirit

  3. I am abundant in love and gratitude for myself

  4. I am wise and a great learner

  5. I am fully capable of understanding everything I need to know

  6. I am smart

Some of these may sound like a lie to you because you've believed the opposite for so long, but it is all truth!!! The limiting beliefs you're saying to yourself in your head are the lies.

Every limit you allow to stop you is one more step backward from living your best life.

As much as I expect to face opportunities to level up my life, I still don't like the discomfort they bring. However, I welcome it! I have felt so uncomfortable the more I learn of my limiting beliefs, but the thing about life is that you can't grow from comfort.

Discomfort causes us to learn, develop understanding, endure with patience, and grow in wisdom! So, I no longer see personal growth as a challenge. To me, it's an opportunity to live limitless!!!

I want to invite you to come with me on this journey to becoming limitless! Let's level up! Let's live extraordinary, abundant, amazing lives full of miracles and overflowing in goodness!

To me, that sounds much better than staying stuck with limits!

I love you all and hope you're doing well! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read something from my heart!

As always, I'm sending you lots of love and hugs from my heart to yours!

See you soon!




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