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Create A Better Future

Only revisit the past if it helps you create a better future. - Stefan James

This quote jumped out at me today and I thought it was a great reminder, especially going into the new year! We only have a little while longer before we're in 2021 and what better way to prepare for a brand new year than personal growth?

I LOVE everything about personal growth and development! For years I stayed stuck in my past because of the beliefs I had about myself and my life. I could only see things from one perspective, and it was very tough to overcome the mental and emotional challenges I faced on a daily basis.

It wasn't until I began honing my focus toward creating my future self (the person I saw myself being and not who others said I was) that one by one, the chains of limitation started breaking.

Now, I can say with the utmost assurance that, I only look back when it benefits my future. I could not say that for a very long time! When someone needs to overcome similar situations or anything that is holding them back, I can help by sharing my story and the wisdom I have gained, and I'm no longer hindered by my past.

Let this be a reminder to you today that you are the author of your future. You can hinder yourself by staying stuck in your past pains, disappointments, and failures, or you break yourself free and use your past to fuel an amazing life-giving future!!!

The choice has always been yours!

Your free will is a gift! Use that gift for your advancement into greatness... into the life you have always dreamed of living!

Love and hugs to you today!




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