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So it's no secret. I'm a huge quote fan!

If you have followed me for any length of time, you would know, I love sharing quotes with encouraging and thought-provoking messages.

I love sharing them because I receive encouragement from them myself and I know if they help me, they're bound to help someone else.

Today, I came across a quote that further confirmed to me I'm on the right path in my life. This isn't something I didn't know already, but it encouraged and reassured me I'm being guided by sweet divine love.

The quote was on Instagram, by Moonomens and it said,

"The person you truly are is winning the battle over the person who you once thought you had to be. Over the last few months, you've continued listening to your inner-self and living even more authentically, while being tested in many different ways to fold under the pressure. Your intuition is guiding your life in an incredible direction. Remain true to yourself."

If this encouraged me, I know it has to encourage someone else. So, I put it in my blog today to help you apply it to your own life.

And I will add, never stop forward motion. Stay curious and cultivate a continual zeal to learn all you can on how to improve your life. Stay focused on learning how to give and receive love and compassion every day.

Learn how to be okay with what you can't control and how to be better at controlling what you can (yourself).

If you fall, get back up and keep moving forward. If no one is around to celebrate your wins, then you celebrate them. Become your own best friend! Throw yourself a party, dance with yourself, and believe in yourself!

You're awesome!

Keep your chin up! You're doing great!

Sending you lots of love and hugs!



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