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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Do I Love Me Most Of All?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated the person looking back at you? Many times, we hold on to the negative things about ourselves more than the positive, and we reaffirm those negative feelings when someone tries to give us a compliment.

We pass it off as that person just "being nice" and we reject the genuine value that someone else sees in us.

We reject the uncomfortable feelings of acceptance from others because we've never learned how to accept ourselves.

Maybe it's shame or regret that causes you to hate yourself. Maybe it's extra weight or not enough weight on your body that fills you with disdain. Maybe you don't do things the right way all the time. Maybe you forget easily and feel dumb about it.

Whatever it is, you can be free of all that muck that pulls your life down every day.

The first step to loving yourself completely and wholly is...

1. Learn to accept ALL of you!

Even the parts you think are not that great.

I'll be going into my 40s next year and it has taken me this long to love who I am and everything about me.

I have good days and bad days like everyone else, but I am learning to love and accept all of my good sides and my unpleasant sides.

For years, I believed that loving myself was sinful, conceited, and selfish.

However, I didn't begin healing from my past until I accepted and loved myself first. As a result, I have been able to walk a journey of accepting and loving others in a way I never could before.

It's not easy. It never is and it never will be. No one promises life or loving yourself to be easy. It's a daily life challenge, but...

With the challenge comes the change!

It's the things that are hard to do that transform us and make us better human beings.

Many people beat themselves up every time they look in the mirror because they've never learned to accept that they are flawed and beautiful at the same time!

Sometimes people spend years loathing things about themselves that they go to the grave never loving who they are as a whole person, flaws and all!

You may think, "Is it right to love the ugly parts about myself? Shouldn't I hate and reject those parts?" No way!

Does that make the wrong things we do right? No, and we should always learn and grow from the mistakes we've made. You can spend your entire life consumed by the things you've done wrong, or you can grow from them.

Accept that you've screwed up and that you have learned and grown, then move forward with your life. Love yourself and accept that truth, and you will experience true freedom.

I hope to awaken something deep inside of you today that being flawed is okay. As long as you're still breathing, you can course-correct and make better decisions and live an amazing, full, abundant life!

The second step to loving yourself completely and wholly is...

2. Show yourself the same kindness that you would want from others.

Many have been treated so badly by people that they long for kindness, a loving tone, or even a gentle smile of acceptance.

Give that to yourself!

Stop yourself from agreeing with those who would try to tear you down!

Stand in front of the mirror (no matter how awkward it feels), look into your eyes, gently smile and say, "I accept you and I love you."

There is such power in this!!! You can break yourself free from all the negative mindsets that tell you you're unworthy, or not enough!

You ARE worthy! You ARE enough!

Tell yourself this! "I am worthy". "I am enough".

Begin your journey of healing right now!

The third step to loving yourself completely and wholly is...

3. Gratitude

I have said it time and time again, but I'll say it forever and ever, amen!

Gratitude changes everything!!!

Start by being grateful for the things you do like about yourself! Pick out qualities, hairstyles, funny jokes, your favorite shoes, whatever it may be and show gratitude for it.

While you're looking in the mirror talk to yourself, place your hand on your heart and say out loud, "I am so happy and grateful that I enjoy... (fill in the blank).

In being visibly and verbally grateful for the things you love and accept about yourself, you'll subconsciously accept your new reality, and eventually, you'll love and accept all of yourself in a genuine, loving way!

Your entire life will transform and people will notice the difference you've made in your own life!

Take back your life!!!

You were never meant to live in hate for any reason. All of those negative things you have said about yourself are lies. The truth is in your heart and it's waiting for you to discover it!

I love you all and am sending love and BIG hugs to you!!!

Stay safe and know that the time to live your best life right now!

See you soon,



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