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We Moved

After talking about it for years, we finally moved back to sweet home Alabama!

Before, moving just never felt like the right time until this year! I am excited to share updates with you as we are continuing to move in all of our stuff and get everything set up! I'm especially excited about Christmas!

I don't have a lot of pics, but here is our living room before our area rug and some other furniture. I plan to give a house tour soon! My husband repainted our end tables! Don't they look gorgeous? Thanks, Babe! xoxoxo

What's so exciting is that I have always wanted hardwood floors! They're beautiful, but have definitely needed some TLC!

Some flooring, like the living room, looked really worn and dry. I used Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer to bring life back to the wood. It has been a long time since they were cared for, and we didn't want to sink money into having them totally refinished.

You guys, Rejuvenate did wonders for these floors!!! I highly recommend them if you're on a budget. If you want to know more, just leave me a comment or contact me through Facebook, and I'll walk you through what I did! Everything was so simple!

Also, I plan to write a blog post review soon on Rejuvenate products because I have to brag on them some more. So, stay tuned for that too!

Anyway, this ended up being another short post today, but as you know, life has been quite busy! I'm so happy to share this news with you and can't wait to share more!!!

Till tomorrow...

Sending you lots of love and hugs from my heart to yours!



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