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When you know your truth, you become unstoppable. 

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Hi ,


Straight up, a total optimist with a little realism on the side. Helping to spread some inspirational light from the perspective of someone (me) who's experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly, and has turned it into something delicious. 

Sometimes life hands you burnt toast, but you get to decide whether to throw it out or what to have with it.

I prefer coffee with flavored creamer! 

My Mission...

Through this blog, I hope to bring encouragement, inspiration, and value to those who desire healing, validation, connection, community, and a friend who understands. I hope to enlighten readers with a fresh perspective and motivation to discover and explore their own life's journey!

My mission is to reach, inspire, encourage, and motivate any race, culture, belief, gender, and religion to discover their own deep inner power and strength. I'm looking forward to building a close community of powerhouse friends who want to improve their inner world to make their outer world a better place. Thank you for being here and taking part in the mission!

All my love,   


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