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Here's the scoop...

I created the name of this blog in honor of my late Italian Grandpa! As a child, when visiting my grandparents, I would wake up every morning to the smell of burnt toast and strong black coffee, mixed with a light whiff of the morning paper. While I'm sure there are plenty of people who would turn up their noses to this plethora of unusual smells, for me, it was comforting. Along with that, I also cherish memories of his voice, his laughter, and the lovely area in which they lived.  I wrote an entire blog post on my grandparents that you can read at your own leisure.  


 So, who am I?


I am a wife, mother, writer, and entrepreneur, and super excited to be on this fantastic journey called LIFE!!!

I love writing about life, personal growth, philosophical ideas, encouragement, and inspiring things.


In no particular order, I enjoy...









eating out,


going to the movies,

binge watching Outlander,

jamming to my favorite songs,

cleaning my home (yes, you read that right...I's weird), watching my kids grow super fast,

spending time with my husband and ice cream!

Did I mention that I love coffee??? 

Book (14).png

Basically, I enjoy having a lot of FUN!

Every day is a beautiful new beginning to enjoy this planet! 


Yeah...I like to look on the bright side of life! Why?


I spent too many years feeling sad, afraid, frustrated, and alone.


The bright side is sometimes hidden behind the shadows of experience, but we can stay in the shadows or step into the light.


On a more personal note, I also write about my personal healing journey from childhood abuse and how I've overcome the many obstacles pertaining to this. 

I feel deeply honored that you've made time to be here with me! 


So, find a comfy spot, grab some coffee, or tea, (maybe leave out the burnt toast if you want) and let's talk!


I look forward to our time together!

Love and hugs always,


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