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Remember Who You Are

Updated: Mar 12

There comes a time in everyone's life when they are faced with impossible situations. These situations may be something they never thought they would find themselves in. Circumstances, that are entirely out of their control, may have blindsided them and left them feeling vulnerable, afraid, and alone.

It is in these moments that we sometimes feel our weakest. You may have felt like the wind has been knocked out of you recently. Your entire world is spinning as you sit there feeling helpless and unsettled. It may be challenging to see right now, but when this happens we have an opportunity to remember who we are.

Right now I am sitting on my front porch writing this post. It's mid-August and there's a surprisingly cool breeze blowing. I'm thinking about a high compliment my husband gave me yesterday. I won't share it here, but today it has me remembering who I am.

Recently, life has forced me to sit with myself! It's not been easy and when it comes to remembering who I am, I generally know who I am. However, what I am talking about is the remembering of who you are in the most challenging situations.

You probably know who you are in general with life, people, and situations that you choose to be, or not to be in. But in the middle of something that has knocked you on your back, where you feel lost, triggered, afraid, and alone...who are you then?

Standing in front of the mirror recently, I've cried asking myself, "Who are you"? I've been in the middle of a difficult situation and until today, I haven't recognized myself. I haven't recognized the feelings I've had, the words I've spoken, or the actions I've taken.

I have been unrecognizable to myself. I don't know her. I've never met this side of me before and it has been scary.

I'm writing this today and being a little vulnerable to remind you of what I am reminding myself...remember who you are.

The battles you are facing, are not you. That is your experience, it is not who you are. Are you feeling weak? Are you afraid? Do you feel alone? That is not YOU. The you that is reading this is strong, resilient, and capable of climbing the highest mountains of life.

What I am learning in this season of life, as well as all other seasons, is that...

When I feel at my absolute weakest, my greatest strengths arise.

You may not feel like it, but your greatest days are ahead! Pain is temporary and darkness cannot hide from the light. Sure, life has a way of taking us off guard. We may stumble in the darkness and feel very alone and scared. But I am here to be your reminder today...remember who you are!

If you can peel back the layers of all of those feelings and see what is is present. Love is your strength. Allow love to be your light, guide you, teach you, and surprise you.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this post today. Maybe you need to hear it. If you are in a difficult season right now...remember who you are.

Maybe you don't feel strong enough to think about who you are at this moment. That's ok. Just know that...

You are loved

You are never alone

You are valued

You are wanted

It's not over

There is more for you

Your pain is not the end

There is greatness ahead.

Let this be your reminder that nothing is impossible with YOU. Your life is precious. YOU are precious, and you are more than you think you are.

Even when you feel all the "what if's".

Even if you're scared that the rug will be ripped from underneath you.

Even when it feels impossible.


Relax your jaw. Relax your shoulders. Unclench your teeth. Close your eyes and find your strength.

Love is your strength.

Love is your peace.

Love is your answer.

Follow love.

I wish you all the best, my friend! As always, I'm sending you love and hugs from my heart to yours!



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