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Updated: Mar 12

What would you say is the most difficult thing for you to do?

Would it be risking your job to step out and pursue your dream job?

Would it be leaving your elderly parent in a nursing home? Or worse, having to make funeral arrangements?

Would it be sending your kids to college for the first time and dealing with an empty nest?

There are many things I could list that would be difficult for some and not so difficult for others. However, something that I've been pondering today may resonate with most people and not a few.

For many days, I have pondered the concept of surrender.

Surrendering is the act of releasing from your heart and mind what you can't control. You know? The stuff that creates anxiety in our minds that we have no power over in our waking world.

For those who don't know, I read and listen to a lot of Wayne Dyer's teachings. He is one of my top mentors from beyond and a cherished spiritual guide. I heard him recently, in the movie "The Shift", describe the act of surrendering in a simple analogy.

I'll paraphrase...

Think about a baby from the time of its conception to the time of its birth. For the first 9 months in the womb, it is completely taken care of. That baby isn't worried about its looks, hairstyle, or what others think about it. It doesn't have to ask for anything. It doesn't even have to cry for anything.

The baby simply grows and is nourished from source (the mother).

The same can apply to our lives as adults. Whatever you consider your "source" (God, the Universe, etc.), this is a profound perspective when learning to surrender.

When you are surrendered, you will have a deep sense of knowing that whatever you need is taken care of. All you need to focus on is growing. This isn't to say that you never ask for what you need or desire and never put effort into your life as an adult. But if you can imagine what it means to be in the "womb" of would realize that you have very little power over your life outside of you. Your internal world is all you can control.

I've also thought a lot about blind faith. I used to have blind faith. I believed what I was told about life, God, etc., and I didn't dare ask questions. I ended up getting extremely hurt, and it has taken years to heal. But, what I'm describing today isn't blind faith and ignorant bliss.

Sure, from the perspective of an infant in the womb, there is ONLY blind faith. The baby doesn't know anything different except blind faith. The baby's survival depends on trusting its source blindly.

However, the surrender I talk about here is INTENTIONAL TRUST.

Imagine being within the "womb" of source (a higher power greater than you) with intentional trust that everything will work out for your highest and best good. Everything you need will be provided. All you need to do is grow, be nourished, grow, be nourished, and grow. You are going with the flow of the Universe!

You are now beginning to live from a place of surrender.

I recently saw this Instagram post by author Danielle LaPorte...

I love that! Wide-Awake Trust...never blind faith!!! For those who understand the divine feminine, this is divine feminine at its best! You can see everything and still choose to trust. You can question everything and still choose to have faith. You can feel everything and still choose to surrender! Your life is not based on your faith or lack thereof. It is based on your awakened decision to trust, flow, and grow.

Surrendering is one of the MOST difficult things I've ever done and while I'm still learning to do it, it has also been profoundly empowering!

Sometimes, the act of surrendering doesn't immediately bring deep inner peace. Sometimes, trust doesn't bring rainbows and long sighs of bliss.

Sometimes learning to let go is a game of tug-o-war, and it's exhausting and painful!

Eventually, peace comes, but not until you've spent time in the darkness of the unknown, embracing life as it is rather than what you think it should be.

When you're tested in that darkness and you still choose to surrender, then you'll know that deep inner peace.

Sometimes life doesn't make any sense, and if we try to make sense of things it can cause more anxiety and worry. It is then we must be intentional and say,

"I see what's going on in my life, I'm wide awake, I'm paying very close attention, and I choose to embrace the unknown and let go...relax...breathe...go with the flow. I am in the womb of source and I will grow as I am nourished. I receive everything I need from within and I rest from what I cannot control."

You see, source nourishes you from within. A baby is nourished in the womb from within. For the baby, the attachment (umbilical cord) to source (the mother) provides the resources it needs to flourish and grow. This loving energy comes from the act of love and communion.

You and I are meant to flourish through life because we come from love and can only find our strength, courage, hope, peace, joy, and fulfillment from within. Within you is where your provision is. Outside of you is out of your control.

I hope this resonated with you today and that you will choose to live with intentional surrender and wide-awake trust! It's not going to be easy, but the more you make that decision, the easier it will become.

My friend, you are worthy of ALL the good you desire! You always have been and you always will be! Never forget that!

I'm sending you lots of love and hugs today!

Your friend,


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