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Do You Talk To Yourself?

Um, who doesn't? Ok, if you don't, you're one of the anomaly's of life and this post probably won't make any sense to you. ;)

However, if you're like me and can't get yourself to shut up, this post is definitely for you!

We talk to ourselves every day, and yet I wonder how much of our conversations inspire and encourage us?

I don't know about you, but for me it takes daily effort to make sure I'm saying the right things to myself, because if I let one negative conversation in my head get out of control, it's a downward spiral of my entire day.

The thoughts you think are conversations with yourself. They may not always be in sentences and paragraphs, they may be in images, but you are still conversing with yourself.

So, what are you talking about?

How you talk with yourself will reflect in your daily life in how you talk to others, how you treat others, and within your daily routines.

Your life is a mirror of the thoughts you think in your head.

For instance, with people who have a low self-esteem (like I use to), constantly down on themselves every day, you see it in their actions, how they carry themselves, and what they say. Their bodies are mirroring how they feel inside.

I used to say, "I'm sorry", all the time. It was horrible, you guys... for real... so bad! I still catch myself saying it, but much less than what I used to!!! It's something I've been working on changing for years. It's a terrible habit and very difficult to break!

I was such a people pleaser (I'm still working on this too). I had a very low opinion of myself, and I wanted people to like me so badly that I apologized for everything, even for things I didn't do.

Until some friends stopped me mid-sentence and made me restate a sentence without saying, "I'm sorry". They told me to pause, to feel okay with not saying, "I'm sorry", and leave the conversation as it was because I had said nothing wrong.

It was scary! I felt like it was who I was and was a little resistant to change, but they assured me that this way of being is not normal and not who I was. I'm so thankful they saw the greater version of me and were bold enough to speak truth.

Even though it has taken me most of my adult life to break free of old habits and mindsets, I wouldn't trade any of the training my brain has endured!

Every ounce of effort has been worth the reward on the other side!

I want to encourage you to talk kindly to yourself. Become your own best friend. Tell yourself that you've got this! Try to pay close attention of what you're telling yourself. Be aware of your thoughts and if they're not helping you become the greatest version of yourself, change them.

How do you change a thought? Easy. Think about something else!

I'm sure you've heard about pink elephants, right? Think about pink elephants!

I know, just bare with me. ;)

Can you see pink elephants in your head?

Now, pause...





Blue elephants. Think about blue elephants. Now you can see blue elephants.

Wow! You just changed your thought!

Now, you can try this with negative thoughts.

For example, you may have anxiety about a job interview. You're thinking about is the classic "what if" scenario. "What if I forget to say something important"? "What if they don't like me"? What if I'm not qualified enough"?

These are legit fears. Sadly, you'll more than likely not get the job if you walk into the interview already feeling defeated. So, "what if" you thought about something else?

Instead of playing the worst-case scenarios in your head, how about thinking about the best outcome possible?

What's the best that could happen?

What if you nail that interview? What if you're just the right person for the job? What if you imagined them saying to you, "We've been waiting for the right person to come along and you are that person."? "Welcome. You've got the job!"

You have a choice what you think about!

There are opportunities all day long for you to change the narrative in your head about your life. Be the creator you were born to be! Create your life with intention! If you have to write new thoughts in a journal to help train your brain, do it! Whatever it takes!

It's never too late to have a great conversation with yourself and get yourself back on the right track!

Love and hugs to you, my friends! Hope your week is going well!

See you soon,



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